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Each day I worked harder and each day I got better

People go to physical therapy when they break an arm or leg, but I never thought about permanent or partial paralysis. I had always thought I was a hard worker. After all I had worked retail starting at the bottom and working my way into an Assistant Manager. I had worked at a bank starting at the bottom and working my way into a Vice President. Built a donut shop from the ground up with my family, then adding a few employees made it into a wholesale and retail operation, including a delivery business.

Now this was the hardest I had ever worked in my life

Sometimes when I would break down and start to cry, the crew would say, “no crying here”. That was easy for them to say. But, they were right, because it would tick me off and I would work harder.

Hard work resized 600They tested me for hot and cold feeling and amazingly I could feel that. Just my right side didn’t want to move.

One day a representative from a company came in with a device that would strap to my arm and wrist, kind of like a brace for a sprain. They had one for my leg too. They showed me how it worked sending small electrical shocks into my hand and fingers, the same as my leg, foot and toes. Interesting!

They did it on my brain to make sure it was the tumor, why not this?

We started with my hand, I could feel a tingle, then my fingers would go out and when it stopped they would come back in. Again, it would start tingling and they would go out, then when it stopped they would come back in. I was given a brace that looked like a ping pong paddle to sleep in at night and it helped to keep them from curling up and my thumb from folding in. Since there was no feeling in my foot and toes and it would just drag along, they strapped another device that looked like a collar just below my knee. It too would send a shock that would make my leg raise and lift my foot. They would use these to get my muscles warmed up for PT. I felt like the bionic women!

One day it was so awesome, my toes kept tingling after the device was shut off, it was like it had malfunctioned, but it was hadn’t. Quickly they pulled off my shoe, I could wiggle my toes, and wiggle my toes, and wiggle my toes. Well, maybe not that much, but they wiggled and that day we all cried and it was okay!

hard work1 resized 600

On Sunday’s they would let my family, who I should mention, is my husband of 36 years; John, my daughter; Chanda and my son; Joe, check me out for a few hours. I cannot tell you the excitement, but also fear that brought me. I so longed to go home, but I was afraid that I might fall or something happen to me.

I knew my family was more than capable of handling me and the situation, but again, there is a fear

We went to Winstead’s for burgers and a large skyscraper (ice cream, whip cream, and cherries in a tall glass with straws and spoons). Then a drive thru the plaza with the windows down, the wind blowing thru my hair, or what was left of it. Then back to work or should I say the hardest work I’ve ever done!

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