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Cancer TumorThe day everyone is waiting for…What is it? 

Is it benign? 

What do we do now? 

My daughter and I were in the room getting ready for lunch, my morning workout in PT was over, a short break then we hit it again.  The Neurologists Assistant came in with the news that the tumor was thought to be an astrocytoma possibly a stage 2.  It was explained that is a gluey type that adheres to the brain, not always easy to remove and it was in an extremely delicate area.  They had done as much as they could to remove it and I truly believe that.  Wow, now it seemed as it might be a little bit more than what they originally thought.  It was suggested we speak to the doctor regarding additional treatments just as a precaution.   

We waited till my husband got there and we all talked about it that evening.  I was against the radiation and chemotherapy.  I just did not want to go thru that, especially since we were working so hard to get my body back and what would this do to that?  

We still had a long way, long way to go.  

Did anyone know for sure? 

The next day the doctor over the Radiology Department came in and we discussed the options.  Pretty much he had only one, do it, at least the radiation.  Again, I expressed my thoughts about my paralysis and losing what I had worked so hard to regain or even more of my body.  Could anyone just tell me, just give me a straight answer?  If I have learned anything thru this whole ordeal, it is no two people are the same, no two people will react the same, whether it is medication, treatment, or anything in life…we are all different. 

Cancer radiologySince I was nearing my release from in-patient therapy, I decided to wait.  I would be starting my out-patient therapy and I wanted to give myself a little more time to heal.  MY decision was no further treatment at this time. 

was going to be seeing a new doctor who was just returning from a hospital that had been involved in a lot of studies, he may know of something better to do for me at this time.  Maybe this would be my break? 

Unfortunately, it was NOT… 

The first MRI with the new doctor still had a lot of swelling, but it was getting better.  There also was still some tumor.  Evidently, they did not get it all as originally thought.  What?  Are you sure? 

I felt like the day we first found out, numb and scared all over again.  After everything we had been through, why me? Now what? 

He suggested we wait for more swelling to go down and do another MRI.  Let’s see what we truly are still dealing with and just how much is still there.  Maybe we should reconsider the treatment program again. 

We went home and cried, and cried, and cried.  At least I still did.  My husband was my rock, he kept telling me it was all going to be okay.  My daughter had been with me for a month and she needed to go back to California, would I care?  I think she too was ready for a break.  Didn’t we all deserve one at this point. 

We all just needed a break  

Hadn’t we had enough! 

Cancer MRI

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