Daily Inspiration: Ping-Pong

A few days ago I met with a new patient for the first time, he was elderly, in relatively good health considering he suffers daily with a debilitating disease, his smile was warm and inviting and his attitude towards life was refreshingly happy. He made me feel very welcome and appreciated that I took the time to visit with him to obtain his donation.

During his donation process we began talking about how much his life has changed over the years since being diagnosed with his disease, unable to play tennis any longer he has taken up Ping Pong, I hadn’t heard anyone speak of Ping Pong in years and I found that quiet wonderful that he was staying active playing a sport that he loves just in a much different capacity.

I couldn’t help but think about how so many of us simply give up rather than find an alternative to what we once enjoyed simply because our bodies just aren’t the same anymore and it got me to thinking about all of the excuses we have that keeps us from truly enjoying what we have left . He has inspired me to find new ways to enjoy my life and all it has to offer and that’s just one of the reasons I sincerely enjoy being a Patient Advocate. Learning from my patients is a reward that’s given to me daily and that is awesome !

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