The Hospital Bathroom, If Only Someone Had Told Me! | Cancer Blog

You know when things happen to people, everyone wants to be so positive.

I guess that is what’s best, right?

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But, is it always what they want to hear?

For instance, I told you I would save the bathroom for another story, so here it is….

If you’ve spent any time in the hospital at all you will know where I am coming from, but if you haven’t let’s start off with all the medications and the effects they may have on your system. I for one can eat Mexican or something spicy and solve a constipation issue just like that. I hated anytime someone came to visit we had to ask that they step outside for a minute because I had to go in the chair beside the bed. Yes, I couldn’t walk to the bathroom, so they had the portable one beside the bed.

I was getting better at getting around with a walker and they would strap this large belt around my waste and hold it in case I started to fall or pass out. But I still longed to go by myself. I was always telling the nurses that they didn’t pay them enough for what they had to do. They were always so kind, not getting angry or frustrated that I had to have help for the smallest thing, with showers washing my hair, help getting dressed, putting on my shoes, (someone invented these small knobs that go thru the holes on your shoe so instead of tying them you just wrap the lace around the knob). Again, you feel helpless and you have lost so much of your independence.

So I decided one evening after lights out that I wasn’t going to bother them. It was late and I hated to ring the buzzer so they would come in. So I got up and used the chair that I should have gone in and made my way to the bathroom. I left the door open enough they could get in if I needed them and thought I had it made.

My arm was not cooperating and I had laid it on my leg. Next thing I know my hand fell in the stool…I grabbed it with my other hand, but it was too late. I tried to take care of the situation, but it did it again. Now everything was a mess and I had to pull the help string in the bathroom…needless to say, since I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed by myself they came running. By the time they got there I was in tears. The first thing she said to me was your right they don’t pay us enough for what we do! Then we all had a good laugh. I never got out of bed at night or any other time till I was told I was ready again,

Now how does this come into play with my situation, or how could someone have prepared me?

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They tell you not to get out of bed, etc. Well, we have some really good friends and he was having shoulder surgery and it just happens to be his right side. So I started reliving my experience. We all laughed and laughed, but again it had a serious side. Shortly before his surgery he started thinking about what I said, he tried using the other hand for all different situations. Then the panic set in. It’s not as easy as it looks. How many of us think about if we break an arm or something happens what would we do? Just think about it? Now I do.

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