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  • Today Is Another Day....

  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis late in life, at 51 years old and up until then I had always been very active. I spent many years as a Disc Jockey playing music making people feel good , and making them dance. I was scared and angry as you can imagine anyone in my position would be. My how t[...]
  • Do You Believe in Angels or Coincidences?

  • While on Face Book last night I saw that a wonderful friend had posted a story of her being at a grocery store and a couple in front of her had not enough money to pay for their groceries.  Even as they put things back, they still did not have enough money.  She thoughtfully asked the clerk how much[...]
  • Injections Available for MS

  • Today I will begin a brief overview of the treatments for MS since a few people have asked for this and it is MS Awareness Week after all.  Anyone affected by MS should take the time to educate themselves about all aspects of this disease, whether you are the patient or you are a loved one.  There i[...]
  • The New World of MS Treatment

  • Today there are nine available drugs for MS.  NINE!!! Quick sidenote:  Treatments that are used to treat the entire illness are called Disease Modifying Therapies - DMTs - and that is how I will refer to them here.  Many people also take other medications that treat specific symptoms, like Provigil[...]