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  • Your Health Care SUPERBOWL Team

  • Let’s talk Football  I know it’s on everyone’s mind and it provides a great metaphor for your healthcare.  Managing your health when you have a chronic illness involves many players.  I think it is important for both outsiders and patients alike to understand just how complex of a team it takes to [...]
  • Diagnostic Tests Using Biomarkers

  • Besides the need of patient biospecimen for new drug development, those specimens are also necessary for the development of new diagnostics – biomarkers. A biomarker is a biological molecule (DNA, protein, etc.) found in blood or tissues, indicating a certain state of a disease or condition. For [...]
  • Personalized Medicine on the Rise

  • In the past, most doctors used a "one-size-fits-all" approach when treating their patients with a given drug. Starting off with standard doses, they then observed how well (or not) patients responded and then, if necessary, changed the doses or drugs by a "trial and error" process. Nowadays, doct[...]