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  • Oops! Pardon My Parkinson's Disease and Me!

  • Who hasn't had a little mishap while shopping, a spill on Aisle 9, a bump in the rump by a heavily laden grocery cart, or a landslide of pillows in Household Linens? These can be annoying and embarrassing but they're just a fact of life in a society blessed with plenty of consumer goods and reaso[...]
  • Trying to See Into the Future

  • Movie studio workers set red traffic safety cones and coils of heavy electric wiring down outside Louie's #2, a down-at-the-heels chop suey joint on the cold, windy L.A. Harbor waterfront. Pungent Asian food aromas perfume the night and jukebox music rides the breeze. Movie people work all hours [...]
  • My Learning Curve is Badly Bent

  • Hearing my newest diagnosis, "Parkinson's Disease" at the largest Veterans Affairs Medical Center among America's chain of 152, plus more than 1,200 smaller health care facilities, from Guam to Puerto Rico, offered a certain guilty thrill. The VAMC at Long Beach, CA, has served me for some 30 yea[...]
  • Browsing for PD Workout Paraphernalia

  • My favorite mall pastime used to be browsing among the finer menswear shops for elegant neckties at bargain prices and enjoying dinner out, when I tired of strolling the aisles. Things have changed somewhat now. My strolls are shorter since the onset of Parkinson's Disease and a tendency to wa[...]