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  • Today Is Another Day....

  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis late in life, at 51 years old and up until then I had always been very active. I spent many years as a Disc Jockey playing music making people feel good , and making them dance. I was scared and angry as you can imagine anyone in my position would be. My how t[...]
  • Managing Hepatitis at the Workplace

  • Transmission of hepatitis occurs when blood from someone with the virus enters the bloodstream of another person. The virus is not passed on through general day to day contact between people. Because of this, there is negligible risk in the workplace – except for certain sectors such as skin penetra[...]
  • Say No to Ignorance

  • ‘‘…. I never had the opportunity to listen as people spoke on viral hepatitis until my first job appointment…..” There is a societal stigma about hepatitis. In Ghana, infected people are alienated by the society. Others are also isolated within their families, hidden away from visitors or made to[...]
  • What is Patient Centric Medicine

  • As one of the founders of Sanguine BioSciences, I am incredibly passionate about Personalized Medicine.  But as a patient, I am so out-of-this-world EXCITED for this new era to be ushered in.  I feel like it can’t come soon enough!  In some ways it is already here and in other areas we have a ways t[...]