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  • Do You Believe in Angels or Coincidences?

  • While on Face Book last night I saw that a wonderful friend had posted a story of her being at a grocery store and a couple in front of her had not enough money to pay for their groceries.  Even as they put things back, they still did not have enough money.  She thoughtfully asked the clerk how much[...]
  • Daily Inspiration: Ping-Pong

  • A few days ago I met with a new patient for the first time, he was elderly, in relatively good health considering he suffers daily with a debilitating disease, his smile was warm and inviting and his attitude towards life was refreshingly happy. He made me feel very welcome and appreciated that I to[...]
  • What is Patient Centric Medicine

  • As one of the founders of Sanguine BioSciences, I am incredibly passionate about Personalized Medicine.  But as a patient, I am so out-of-this-world EXCITED for this new era to be ushered in.  I feel like it can’t come soon enough!  In some ways it is already here and in other areas we have a ways t[...]