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  • Injections Available for MS

  • Today I will begin a brief overview of the treatments for MS since a few people have asked for this and it is MS Awareness Week after all.  Anyone affected by MS should take the time to educate themselves about all aspects of this disease, whether you are the patient or you are a loved one.  There i[...]
  • The New World of MS Treatment

  • Today there are nine available drugs for MS.  NINE!!! Quick sidenote:  Treatments that are used to treat the entire illness are called Disease Modifying Therapies - DMTs - and that is how I will refer to them here.  Many people also take other medications that treat specific symptoms, like Provigil[...]
The Challenges of Home Life – Opening a Can of Beans
  • Flying with Needles

  • I am traveling to New York this week and what came to mind in my packing preparation was RELIEF.  I suddenly realized that packing & traveling is so much easier now that I don’t give myself injections.  When I was diagnosed, my first medication was Copaxone, a daily injection.  It was a great dr[...]
  • What is Patient Centric Medicine

  • As one of the founders of Sanguine BioSciences, I am incredibly passionate about Personalized Medicine.  But as a patient, I am so out-of-this-world EXCITED for this new era to be ushered in.  I feel like it can’t come soon enough!  In some ways it is already here and in other areas we have a ways t[...]
  • My Learning Curve is Badly Bent

  • Hearing my newest diagnosis, "Parkinson's Disease" at the largest Veterans Affairs Medical Center among America's chain of 152, plus more than 1,200 smaller health care facilities, from Guam to Puerto Rico, offered a certain guilty thrill. The VAMC at Long Beach, CA, has served me for some 30 yea[...]
  • Why I Don't Like Valentine's Day

  • So I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.... and figured in honor of this twisted holiday I would just share my two cents   Of course I arrived at my opinion of Valentine’s Day largely through the lessons of my MS diagnosis.  I learned at a very early age that “You Only Live Once.”  As clic[...]
  • Browsing for PD Workout Paraphernalia

  • My favorite mall pastime used to be browsing among the finer menswear shops for elegant neckties at bargain prices and enjoying dinner out, when I tired of strolling the aisles. Things have changed somewhat now. My strolls are shorter since the onset of Parkinson's Disease and a tendency to wa[...]
  • How to Date The Best When You Have MS | MS Blog

  • Wow the topic of Relationships can be pretty loaded!  I’m gonna break it down since this is something I could write about until the end of my days.  And hopefully I will! Between my personal experiences and having a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, there’s a lot of wheels turning in my bra[...]
  • Your Health Care SUPERBOWL Team

  • Let’s talk Football  I know it’s on everyone’s mind and it provides a great metaphor for your healthcare.  Managing your health when you have a chronic illness involves many players.  I think it is important for both outsiders and patients alike to understand just how complex of a team it takes to [...]