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  • A Dreamer With MS - Annette Funicello's Legacy

  • Two weeks ago today the world lost Annette Funicello.  For most people my age, Annette’s name is vaguely familiar, but many of us don’t even know why we recognize her name.  For our parents and grandparents however, Annette is the little girl who was handpicked by Walt Disney at the ripe age of 13, [...]
  • When I Plan and MS Laughs - Told in Real Time

  • I had the following plan for this evening:  attend my weekly class on Judaism, prepare my juices for tomorrow, and finish my Annette Funicello blog to post this week.  Well that’s all fine and dandy except for that little thing called “life” and that other thing called “MS.”  Here’s what actually[...]
Creditors and Medical Bills
  • Creditors and Medical Bills

  • How Do You Get Blood Out A Turnip? You would think that it’s not enough that you are going through the worst life changing event you can imagine, but now you have all the financial issues to deal with too. You try calling the mortgage company, credit card, car loans and they are very sorry.  Som[...]
  • Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

  • I know that by now, I probably sound like a broken record when I say that people do not want to think about Alzheimer’s disease or aging in general.  That is their choice.   But one of the problems caused by this stubborn refusal to address reality is that many myths about Alzheimer’s come to be v[...]
  • Daily Life with MS: Feeling Down

  • I am sure some of you readers have noticed my absence in the past month or so. I apologize for leaving anyone hanging but I had to take a "me" break, some time off for MS and "our" depression. That probably sounds like a horribly cliche copout but I am just being honest with you. Acceptance seems[...]
Support - The Frustration and Anger Becomes Too Much
  • Getting Old

  • Regular readers of this blog know that I am passionately committed to the Alzheimer’s Association.  Currently, I serve as the co-chair of the Los Angeles Walk to End Alzheimer’s.   A couple of weeks ago, another member of the committee and I got into a heated debate about how to boost awa[...]
  • Trying to See Into the Future

  • Movie studio workers set red traffic safety cones and coils of heavy electric wiring down outside Louie's #2, a down-at-the-heels chop suey joint on the cold, windy L.A. Harbor waterfront. Pungent Asian food aromas perfume the night and jukebox music rides the breeze. Movie people work all hours [...]
  • Is it Normal or is it Alzheimer’s?

  • We’ve all that those moments when we forget basic information – someone’s name, what someone does for a living, or where we left our keys.  And every time that happens, we call it a “senior moment.”   We know that some level of cognitive decline is inevitable as we age.  As the brain ages[...]
  • When the Alzheimer’s Patient Lashes Out

  • Have you ever seen your father flip out? I mean, really, flip out? Voice screaming, arms flailing, face turning red as an apple?   Odds are, if you ever screwed up as a child, you’ve seen this before.  Maybe you stayed out past curfew.  Maybe you “borrowed” dad’s car without asking.  Maybe[...]