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  • Do You Believe in Angels or Coincidences?

  • While on Face Book last night I saw that a wonderful friend had posted a story of her being at a grocery store and a couple in front of her had not enough money to pay for their groceries.  Even as they put things back, they still did not have enough money.  She thoughtfully asked the clerk how much[...]
  • Puppies: Nature's Cure-All

  • My boyfriend and I recently adopted a new puppy. Some might call me an animal lover…but that might be an understatement. Ever since I was a child I have loved the companionship of our family pets.  Although this puppy, through all of her cute, playful antics has reminded me how much work they are to[...]
  • Having a Child With Down Syndrome

  • My beautiful daughter Kelsi turns 3 this week and I can hardly believe it.  I am overwhelmed with my love for her and the daily joy that she provides to our family.   Kelsi’s Corner is a gift to her as a thank you for transforming me into a better mother and a better human being.  She is the light o[...]
  • Ouch - Pain...Part 3

  • As I said it can only happen to me… The day has come to see the plastic surgeon and give him my decision as to whether to have surgery on my eye socket and also the visit to the primary care doctor that I missed when I fell on my face.  I had taken off the walking cast and decided to see what hap[...]
  • Daily Inspiration: Ping-Pong

  • A few days ago I met with a new patient for the first time, he was elderly, in relatively good health considering he suffers daily with a debilitating disease, his smile was warm and inviting and his attitude towards life was refreshingly happy. He made me feel very welcome and appreciated that I to[...]
  • Can You See Me? When People are Blind to Disability

  • Being on crutches for 6 weeks lent itself to quite an interesting experiment called “let’s learn how (in)tolerant people are of disabilities.”  I’m going to complain and express some frustration, so before that let me share something positive.   Getting around on crutches recently and even in a few[...]
  • My Inconsistency as a Blogger & In Relationships

  • I’m sorry!  I finally started blogging again in April after a brief lapse and then I lapsed again.  For good reason of course, but still, how on earth can I maintain a relationship with my readers if I “disappear” sometimes.  Every relationship needs some level of consistency.  My interaction with m[...]
  • Oops! Pardon My Parkinson's Disease and Me!

  • Who hasn't had a little mishap while shopping, a spill on Aisle 9, a bump in the rump by a heavily laden grocery cart, or a landslide of pillows in Household Linens? These can be annoying and embarrassing but they're just a fact of life in a society blessed with plenty of consumer goods and reaso[...]
Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started!  Part Two
  • Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started! Part Two

  • But, the best is yet to come…. I’m not joking! The Orthopedic Surgeon puts my arm in a cast and now l will need additional physical therapy when the cast comes off.  Who is going to pay for that since I’ve exceeded my lifetime maximum?  Do you see where this is going?  How would a stroke victim or [...]
Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started! Part One
  • Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started! Part One

  • We have great insurance I guess you could say we are one of the lucky ones.  My husband has worked hard to make a good living and provide for his family.  But, without good health there is nothing that can prepare any family for a brain tumor. Everything was fine at first, as long as I was in the[...]