Puppies: Nature’s Cure-All

My boyfriend and I recently adopted a new puppy. Some might call me an animal lover…but that might be an understatement. Ever since I was a child I have loved the companionship of our family pets.  Although this puppy, through all of her cute, playful antics has reminded me how much work they are too!

Every day a new challenge arises for our pup, Kirra. I love watching her learn to climb the stairs, attack squeaky toys, and chase my toes. Of course, there is also the potty training and shoe chewing incidents that test my patience.  But through all of it, this little pup has made her way into my heart.  That bond is so precious to me because even on my worst days I know that she will cuddle up with me and give me that unconditional love that only animal lovers really know about.

Over and over having pets has been proven to be medically beneficially to people.  The day to day activities of needing to get out of bed and walk the dog gives many people a sense of purpose and a feeling of being needed. Pets rely on their people and those feelings of responsibility for another being, can stave off depression and loneliness for ill and elderly people.

A study done at the University of Buffalo even showed that in times of stress some cuddle time with a four-legged friend worked better at controlling high blood pressure than ACE-inhibitors. Companion animals have also had enormous success with help mental health conditions.  Our furry friends have been used to help autistic children expand their verbal and non-verbal communication and improve their social interactions.

Anyone who has had pets can attest to the undeniable positive effect they have on us, emotionally and physically.  So when I tell people that I rescued my pups from the local shelter I also make sure they know that my dogs rescue me right back everyday with unconditional love, a passion for life and having a good time, AND a decreased risk of high blood pressure, anxiety, and heart disease!

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