Ouch – Pain…Part One

Well, this is not in my routine of blogging my story, but I must share my recent mishaps because, if it can happen, it will happen to me.

In December of last year my son who is an over-the-road truck driver was traveling thru Kansas City and had only enough time to stop by for a shower and dinner.  I just happen to have a pot of chili on and ready and he loves my chili, so his dad was going to run out to the truck stop and pick him up.  However, he had been dating a girl for several months and asked if he could bring her for dinner.  Since we hadn’t met her and he only had a short time in town and wanted to see her to, it would be the ideal situation and to be honest we really wanted to meet her.

As I rushed around to get everything ready I fell over the rug that comes from the kitchen to the living room.  Since I have partial paralysis on my right side, a tuck and roll is my normal routine and my husband who witnessed the whole thing was scared to death, but actually impressed how I did it.  But, this time I felt something different.  A snap in my foot not just my ankle rolling over, but a snap in my foot.  Oh boy!  As I crawled to the recliner and pulled myself up, the pain was already setting in, but I was bound and determined to have a great evening and meet this girl.

Since we sat most of the time and John carries any liquids that I usually eat since I would probably spill it, the evening went great and we were very pleased with our son’s choice.  As soon as the evening was over and they left I turned to my husband and told him to get his coat, we needed to go to the ER as my foot was broke.  He was shocked and said are you sure?  Even with partial paralysis I can tell if it’s broke and my toes were numb.  So off we went and sure enough I had fractured a small bone along the edge of my little toe to my heel.  Since I couldn’t use crutches they gave me a boot till I could get into the orthopedic doctor.  The rest is history or I thought, a cast, follow-up and cast off.

Eight weeks later, two days before I was to get my cast off I had my birthday dinner with my husband and friends.  I didn’t feel well like maybe indigestion later that evening so I went to bed. The next morning I went to work for a couple hours, I just work as needed for a few clients doing bookkeeping, but, my indigestion, got worse.  Since I was getting my cast off the next day, I got a pedicure.  I don’t have use of my right fingers very well so I get manicures and pedicures.  One of a few pleasures my physical therapy doctor calls it after all I’ve been thru.  Try cutting your nails without using both hands, or even filing them, disaster as my nail tech tells me.  But, the indigestion got worse, so bad that Tums, Pepto Bismol and now diarrhea didn’t help.  So I went to bed.  When John got home it now had progressed to horrible stomach cramps and blood in my stools.  The doctor said go to the ER.  So we did!  That was a five day stay and more pain than I can even tell you.  Food poisoning – Shiga E-Coli was the possible diagnosis.  As I said it can only happen to me…


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