Ouch – Pain…Part Two

As I said it can only happen to me…

After the five day stay in the hospital, John and my kids were adamant that I come home and recuperate with my mom.  To be honest, so did I as they still had me on a soft food diet, no dairy and my appetite was almost none.  But, I slept a lot and tried to get my strength back.  Even a shower was exhausting.

I was scheduled to see my primary care doctor and had rescheduled my orthopedic doctor as I had to cancel the appointment to get my cast off while I was in the hospital.  A gastrointestinal doctor saw me in the hospital and PainPt2scheduled an appointment for later in April.  I don’t think she thought the response to my constipation issues were resolved by a bowl of coleslaw or Mexican food.  Hmmm?

John took off to take me to the doctor’s appointments on Monday and I was feeling better.  I was still on a soft diet and I was hoping that the doctor would approve to progress to more solid foods and then my strength would get better and maybe allow me to work a little.  As we arrived to the doctor’s office they have a drop off at the front, but I assured John that it was a beautiful day and I needed the exercise.  We started up the sidewalk and I don’t remember much after that till they were rolling me over and there seemed to be blood everywhere coming from my head.  I guess I may have fainted, or caught my shoe on the concrete as I still had the small black boot on to see the foot doctor later, or my paralysis on my right side may have caused me to stumble.  All I know is they brought out a wheelchair and lifted me into it and then called an ambulance to take me to the emergency room.  The hospital was only around the corner, but I was shivering, had pain everywhere and a pretty good gash above my eye, which might I add was swelling rather nicely.  Great…and don’t forget I still needed to see the foot doctor.


Well, we spent that entire day, since my morning appointment was at 9:30 a.m. and they didn’t release me till 4:00 p.m. from the emergency room and only after I signed a release that I wanted to go home.  I had a concussion, and probably should have let them keep me, but my gosh, I had just gotten out of the hospital.  The last thing I wanted was to stay again.  I also had a broken left orbital floor, my eye socket that would require seeing a plastic surgeon, my shoulder and ribs on my left side were in pain, both knees scraped and my two small fingers on my right hand were scraped and hurting.  Why didn’t I tuck and roll?  Why didn’t I try to catch myself?  The x-ray technician asked me if the injuries were from the airbags, she thought I was in a car accident.  Nope, just a run in with a sidewalk.  On top of that the doctor’s sidewalk.  But, the bummer of all was I didn’t see either doctor’s that day and now I had to see a plastic surgeon. Seems they just keep stacking up…doctors that is.

So again I went back home, this time John and mom stayed with me, I guess I was knocked a little silly.  Well, I have seen the plastic surgeon and he advised surgery if the eye and nerves begin dropping below the eye socket as the eye will become lazy and not work properly.  I ask him to give me a little time after all we’ve been thru, so I am awaiting anotheappointment and actually scheduled the Primary Care doctor afterwards.  I haven’t even thought about scheduling the foot doctor yet.

Stay tuned for the outcome, if three is a charm, then I’m done for a awhile.   Do you think?

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