Ouch – Pain…Part 3

As I said it can only happen to me…

The day has come to see the plastic surgeon and give him my decision as to whether to have surgery on my eye socket and also the visit to the primary care doctor that I missed when I fell on my face.  I had taken off the walking cast and decided to see what happened rather than rescheduling another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon…who was I trying to kid.

The weather forecast was that a major snow storm was headed our way.  Major, did I say, blizzard conditions, blowing snow and lots of it…should we go or reschedule?  John had to get back to the city, he had missed so much work, we couldn’t afford any more and I couldn’t take the chance of being snowed in this far from any medical help either.  The fact that I hadn’t had a seizure after all that had happened was amazing too.

I called the doctor’s offices and was told we could leave early and get in with the cancelations that were already coming in.  So we left and headed to the eye surgeon first.  My decision was to leave the eye as is and take my chance on whether it would get better or worse.  He told John what to watch for and took another examination of the eye and eye lid that was starting to heal.  He wished me luck…who was he talking too?  We then headed to the primary care doctor and got right in as the storm was getting closer and everyone was heading home.  The doctor reviewed the last month of all my mishaps…the broken foot, the food poisoning, the face injury and concussion.  Wow, he said I had been busy…is that what you call it!

He asked when my next MRI was, could it only be about four weeks?  Unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun.  I wondered why he asked or was it just for the records he was keeping?  But, he wished me well and we were on way.  A light snow was falling now and we had about an hour and a half to drive.  Stopping for lunch was definitely not a great idea and my appetite was still a little on the rough side.  So we decided to eat when we got home and a bowl of hot soup sounded really good about now.

The snow was getting heavier and we were seeing cars and trucks off on the side of the road.  I definitely could not and would not attempt to get out of the car if we slid off, my ankle was still weak and I had started wearing my leg brace again and with my luck, God only knows what would happen.  But, with a husband who was a truck driver that hauled heavy equipment and had done it most his life I felt pretty secure.

We arrived back in Kansas City without any problems and settled in just in time for the storm to break loose.  Before long there was over six inches of snow and before bedtime close to a foot.  Then the phone rang…John’s work had decided to close the doors for the next day.  Well, another day without pay, but to be honest, we both were mentally exhausted and could use a day without any excitement for a while.

How long do you think that will last?  Hopefully, for a long while…

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