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As I’ve said before, life with Multiple Sclerosis involves constant adjustment.  I figure there is no better time to reflect on these adjustments and make changes for the better than the start of a New Year.  2012 has been an amazing year with a lot of really positive life changes for me but I also had my fair share of difficult times too.  In the midst of getting engaged and doing well at work, I also had an MS relapseand struggled through more of the year than I want to admit.  Here are my resolutions to help ensure a truly amazing 2013!

•  Know My Limits

multiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestyleThis is going to be a huge one for me.  This year I was lucky enough to work two amazing jobs I adore.  I finally got offered my permanent contract with the school district I work for (yay paid vacation and benefits!) and also got to teach children’s dance, gymnastics, and movement classes as a lead instructor for an amazing place.  I was having so much fun rocking both of these jobs that I forgot to remember that I have MS.  I am genuinely one of the lucky ones that enjoys what I do for a living so I didn’t even realize how absurd my schedule was until it finally got the best of me.  After months of working a total of more than 40 hours and 7 days a week I finally crashed. The specifics are another story for another day but the point is that I had to put the breaks on and quickly realize my limits.  When I’m feeling great as far as my disease is concerned and jamming through life it’s easy to forget what it’s like when I’m not feeling so well and how quickly things can turn.  This New Year’s I vow to be realistic about my expectations for myself and to make sure I don’t push myself over my own edge.

•  Reduce My Stress

Part of the bigger picture of knowing my limits is reducing my stress.  Reducing my stress needs to involve much more than not pushing myself past my physical limits.  I need to also be concerned with my emotional limits.  This past year I tried to really listen to my body and take note of how I felt physically going through different emotions.  It’s no surprise that stress has very negative effects on MS but I discovered the real personal effects it has on me.  I feel incredibly fatigued, have a hard time thinking straight, and experience beyond average pains when I am stressed out.  In 2013 I am going to adopt strategies to stress less.  I am going to learn to let go of the little things and save the worrying for a real crisis.  I am going to remember to breath through frustration and meditate through struggles.  I am going to try to live more like my dogs and not sweat the small stuff!

multiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestylemultiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestyle

Sweet Pea                  Van & Cody

•  Make Healthier Choices for My Body

multiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestyleI recently wrote about MS-friendly foods that I love but this resolution needs to stretch far beyond my diet.  I need to start living an all around healthier lifestyle for my MS.  I often make healthy choices in my cooking but there is still room for much improvement.  I like being active but after my most recent MS “attack” I have admittedly fallen off my normal exercise patterns.  These healthier choices I need to make are simple; bake my chicken instead of frying it, get back into a regular exercise routine, and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night.  I also need to remember to use caution though.  For instance, if I’m having a rough day with my symptoms it’s OK to allow myself to use the elevator instead of the stairs.  It’s about playing it smart and safe to live the best life I can with MS.

 multiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestyle

All these resolutions really boil down to is feeling happy, healthy, and comfortable in my  life.  The changes I need to make and promises I need to keep are things that anyone can benefit from, not just those with MS.  My wish for myself and for all of you this coming year is a life full of health, happiness, and many moments of joy!

 multiple sclerosis blog, ms blog, ms lifestyle

Happy New Year from Tom and I!

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