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Eating healthy is an important choice for anyone to make not just those with Multiple Sclerosis. When we are young with perfect metabolisms the question of what we put into our body doesn’t seem to be as important but as we grow older the effects of a poor diet are quickly noticed. Those with chronic conditions such as MS often see and feel these effects in many different ways. For many the right choices are simple, like a person with diabetes choosing to not eat as much sugar, but for those with MS I’ve found the choices to not be as clear. There are some general recommendations like cutting back on fatty foods and avoiding processed products. There are even many that believe in avoiding foods high in animal fat and gluten. These suggestions carry across many health conditions though and are dietary changes that could benefit almost anyone.

5 Favorite MS Friendly Foods


5 Favorite MS Friendly FoodsIt is very important to consult your medical team before making any changes to your diet especially because MS varies so much from person to person and the thoughts of food to take or leave may change based on individual cases. One example of this is garlic. I love garlic and always understood it to be a good food to have in your system because of its healthy properties but there are some who feel it should be avoided with MS because it acts as a stimulant to your immune system. Some experience weird things with garlic consumption like tingling and burning in their extremities. I have never personally experienced this and cook using garlic almost daily but my neurologist and I have agreed that for me personally the immune support benefits of garlic outweigh the dangers. I work with children and almost never get sick *knock on wood* and believe garlic has added to my immunities.

For the sake of not treading on dangerous water and making a bad recommendation, the following foods are merely healthy choices that anyone can benefit from adding to their diet. Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to consult your medical team before making any major changes to your diet. Also keep in mind that no matter how you decide to eat, moderation and balance are key to a healthy successful diet.

Here are my 5 favorite MS friendly foods:


5 Favorite MS Friendly Foods

The general feeling on leafy greens seems to be that there is no such thing as too
much! These Incredible Hulk-like veggies pack a big Hulk load of benefits! Leafy
greens are low in fat and calories and high in fiber and nutrients so eat until your hearts
content. My favorites in this group are spinach and kale. Amazingly I’ve always been
a spinach fan but I can’t eat the Popeye style soggy canned stuff. Fresh spinach salads
are a yummy escape from the typical iceberg offerings and there are so many uses for it
in home cooking. I’ve been stuffing spinach in mushrooms for a while but recently I’ve been a fan of trading whole spinach leaves for noodles in my soups! Like many I’m a
recent bandwagon hopper for kale. I feel like everyday I hear a new report on the
benefits of kale from it being packed with vitamins and nutrients to its antioxidant
properties. I’m still figuring out the right way to blend the robust kale taste into my
cooking but baked kale chips have quickly become a favorite snack food in my house.


5 Favorite MS Friendly FoodsI love salmon! I can eat salmon raw, smoked, grilled, or just about any other way you can prepare and offer it to me. Oily cold water fish like salmon are packed with health benefits! Salmon is not only rich in Omega-3 but it is also loaded with vitamins B and D which are all recommended nutritional supplements for those with MS. From aiding in musculoskeletal and mental health all way to helping your immune system, the benefits of salmon and its many nutrients are countless and could take up an entire post of their own. With very little research into it it’s clear to see that salmon really is a SUPERFOOD! There are many ways to prepare salmon at home but if don’t like a fishy smelling kitchen take my preferred choice and hit your local sushi bar, don’t forget the ponzu sauce on the side ;D


5 Favorite MS Friendly FoodsFor most this is probably a surprising addition to a healthy foods list. It turns out Mr. Potato Head has more to offer us than facial feature awareness! The truth about potatoes is that they are a good whole carbohydrate, loaded with potassium, full of fiber, and a good source of more vitamins and minerals than you would imagine. Some nutrients are lost in the cooking process but the potato still retains so much good stuff for you. The unhealthy factor of potatoes lies in how you cook them. Avoid excessive use of oil and butter and opt for options like mashing with low fat sour cream or baked with minimal toppings. If you can avoid smothering your spuds in fatty additions they prove to be a better side dish option than their empty carb counterparts like pasta.


This is one food where my old friend moderation is required. Fruit is delicious and
most definitely nutritious but remember that it does contain a lot of sugar in the form of
fructose. If you are keeping a low sugar diet this is not a wise choice for constant
consumption. While fructose is sugar it’s better than processed sugar so it does make a
great substitute for unhealthy alternatives. I’m a baked good junkie and keeping fruit
around has definitely helped curb my appetites. Instead of grabbing a brownie I reach
for a banana. In lieu of brown sugar in my oatmeal I sweeten it with some berries.
Fresh fruit is a satisfying treat in many situations and full of lots of nutrients to take in
so eat as you feel appropriate!

5 Favorite MS Friendly Foods


5 Favorite MS Friendly FoodsAlright I know what you’re thinking, but spices are an additive not an actual food. One obvious upside to spices is using them as a flavor substitute. Instead of reaching for that salt or processed seasoning mix try some whole spices. Aside from being tasty, spices have various individual health benefits as well. Ginger and turmeric are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon is good for the heart and adds immune support, and chili peppers can have pain relief effects. For years natural medicine has tapped into the various healing powers of spices so why not try out some healing of your own while adding delicious flavor to your dishes?!

When I was first diagnosed I did a lot of research on the “best diet for MS“. I found some specific diet plan recommendations but they felt too extreme for my lifestyle. There’s mixed opinions on many other types of food for MS out there but I’ve found that the best strategy for me is to aim for overall healthy choices and seek answers about specific food items as they arise. I’ve now adopted a way of eating that both my medical team and I are comfortable with based on my personal needs and I enjoy researching new foods to help my health and delicious ways to incorporate them into my meals!

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