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It was great to be home and back in my own bed!

My real home is at the Lake of the Ozarks, but I needed to stay close to the hospital and PT so it was better to stay in Kansas City where my husband and son have a rental house as they both work in KC during the week and come home weekends.


Many friends and family shuttled me to and from PT, doctor’s appointments, etc.  They brought food, came to visit, or just called and checked on me.  Modern technology helped a lot.  I started sending emails out every couple of weeks on my progress and I always had something new to share.  Of course typing with one left hand had some getting use too.  Actually, it took me two weeks just to type it.


KeyboardI was getting around pretty good on my own.  Sometimes I could just use my cane, other times I could use the walker to pull myself up if I wanted to get up from the floor or I wanted to get down in a low area to get something.


My shoulder had begun to give me trouble, like it had a toothache.  Some days it would be ok, other days it was terrible.  It got to so painful I started canceling my PT.   I called my primary care physician and he saw me right away.  I think we were all afraid of what might happen next.  He referred me to a shoulder specialist and I had what they call a frozen shoulder.  What now?  I went in for an out-patient procedure where he put me out and literally, popped or pulled my shoulder from being locked up.  This happens to people with paralysis a lot, a cartilage type build up freezing the joints.  It could only happen to me, right?


Cancer PoolI also started going back to the PT office that was closer to my home since the hospital was farther away.  I could do aquatic/water and regular/land PT there as the hospital didn’t have a pool.  Did I ever tell you I now own the PT Company?  Just kidding, but I probably could have…  I even had a lady feeling sorry for me that was having therapy at the same time.  She had watched me practice picking up buttons every day.  She said I worked so hard she thought I should try M&M’s.  So she brought me some.

Wow, that was tough!

The buttons are all different sizes, some curved, some flat, but you can flip them if you are real careful and pinch them.  Now M&M’s are slick and all the same size.  Sounds like too much work doesn’t it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  You betcha I figured a way to get those babies up and in my mouth!  Some people are so thoughtful.


Again, without the PT I would not have survived all the issues that I had already been thru (and we’re not done yet).  I might add that Katie my physical therapists from the beginning of the 1st diagnosis was truly my angel because without her, I might not be here today.  You will see as we continue through my journey that there will be many people, or what I refer to as my angels, that for one reason or another helped me in a special way.

All I wanted was my old life back and to be normal again 

But, some would ask me, were you ever really normal?

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