Do You Believe in Angels or Coincidences?

While on Face Book last night I saw that a wonderful friend had posted a story of her being at a grocery store and a couple in front of her had not enough money to pay for their groceries.  Even as they put things back, they still did not have enough money.  She thoughtfully asked the clerk how much they needed and paid the difference.

Her story brought tears to my eyes, not only because she did a truly wonderful thing, but it made me think over the last five years of the many times total strangers had helped me.

I have always believed in Angels, someone who comes to you in your darkest hours.  It may be a friend, a stranger, someone who knows that you are in need or help.

Like the gentleman that backed my car out of the parking spot at the hospital, because I was struggling to get in.  The other car had parked to close and I had refused to park in the handicapped.  Would you hand your keys to a complete stranger?  Had he been watching me?  Where did he come from?

The lady at the store who had seen me pick up my box, then it breaking and all my items falling back in the cart.  She left her place in the line and helped me get another box to reload the items and then carried it to my car.  I repeatedly thanked her as she would now have to get at the back of the line.  All of a sudden she saw the gray ribbon on my back window and asked if I had a brain tumor?  I said I did and that it had partially paralyzed my right side.  Tears started to flow down her cheeks.  I asked her if she were ok.  She told me her dad had died of a brain tumor…we both cried and hugged each other.  Was it a coincidence?  Why that lady?

When I had my seizure in my car, I was driving on a busy highway, in rush hour traffic.  I had never had a seizure and it had been thirteen months since my surgery.  I had read the literature, the doctor had discussed it with me, many of my friends in my support group had them, but not me.  All of a sudden my right hand began to move, lifting itself off the console where it laid when I drove.  My head began to go back till I couldn’t see and I tried to call from my phone, but it was too late, my voice would only make a slurred sound.  My car drifted to the side of the road on an off ramp.  My right foot had also drawn up under my seat.  It seemed like forever, but an officer yanked open my door and ask if I needed help?  I tried to tell him, but he thought I had had a stroke.  He tried to check my phone to see if I had ICE-In case of emergency set up.  He called an ambulance.  Then as they were getting ready to transport me, I heard a voice.  It was one of my husband’s best friends, a weekend neighbor by us at the lake.  He told them what to do and where to take me.  He stayed with me the whole time calling my husband, helping get my car off the highway.  He was coming back from the lake and saw a green car, with an ambulance and a fire truck, not just any car, but one that had a gray ribbon in the back window.  Why that highway?  He was going the opposite direction, but something told him that it looked a lot like my car.  How many cars do you see that look like your car?  Amazingly it had all happened by an off ramp.

I have seen what I would say are many darkest hours in my life and I believe that there is always someone looking out for me.

Is this all a coincidence?  Or, do you believe in angels?  I do…

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