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Choice...My Choice...
  • Choice...My Choice...

  • Well, as you can see my life seems to be one issue after another... I was trying to deal with my tumor and paralysis, not being able to work, my family was trying to adjust to the changes, it just seemed like nothing was right and I just wanted it to be normal again...but, what is normal? Sinc[...]
  • In The Meantime Mom Wants To Help - Oh No!

  • Well, since the hives were about gone from the allergic reaction to the chemo, I was beginning to feel human again.  We had spent the weekend in Kansas City at the rental home since I was a mess and John was working extra to help with all the bills.Mom was at our home, which is about three hours awa[...]
  • Keeping Your Head High and Your Holidays Happy

  • Its that time of year again and who could miss it. The stores are displaying their goods, the advertisements and emails from retailers are filling up InBoxes, and people are beginning to prepare their lists. (and check them twice!) But for some of us this can be a very difficult time of year, a t[...]
  • Ouch - Pain...Part 3

  • As I said it can only happen to me… The day has come to see the plastic surgeon and give him my decision as to whether to have surgery on my eye socket and also the visit to the primary care doctor that I missed when I fell on my face.  I had taken off the walking cast and decided to see what hap[...]
  • Ouch - Pain...Part Two

  • As I said it can only happen to me… After the five day stay in the hospital, John and my kids were adamant that I come home and recuperate with my mom.  To be honest, so did I as they still had me on a soft food diet, no dairy and my appetite was almost none.  But, I slept a lot and tried to get my[...]
Ouch – Pain…Part One
  • Ouch – Pain…Part One

  • Well, this is not in my routine of blogging my story, but I must share my recent mishaps because, if it can happen, it will happen to me. In December of last year my son who is an over-the-road truck driver was traveling thru Kansas City and had only enough time to stop by for a shower and dinner[...]
Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started!  Part Two
  • Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started! Part Two

  • But, the best is yet to come…. I’m not joking! The Orthopedic Surgeon puts my arm in a cast and now l will need additional physical therapy when the cast comes off.  Who is going to pay for that since I’ve exceeded my lifetime maximum?  Do you see where this is going?  How would a stroke victim or [...]
Insurance – Don’t Get Me Started! Part One
Creditors and Medical Bills
  • Creditors and Medical Bills

  • How Do You Get Blood Out A Turnip? You would think that it’s not enough that you are going through the worst life changing event you can imagine, but now you have all the financial issues to deal with too. You try calling the mortgage company, credit card, car loans and they are very sorry.  Som[...]
Support - The Frustration and Anger Becomes Too Much