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Choice...My Choice...
  • Choice...My Choice...

  • Well, as you can see my life seems to be one issue after another... I was trying to deal with my tumor and paralysis, not being able to work, my family was trying to adjust to the changes, it just seemed like nothing was right and I just wanted it to be normal again...but, what is normal? Sinc[...]
  • Interview with Philip Anderson

  • If you're following the Sanguine Facebook page, then you may know that we're in the process of creating a new video - and what a process it has been. As the final touch on this lengthy endeavor, we hired a composer to score the piece. Being the overly-zealous, research nerds that we are - we couldn'[...]
  • Say No to Ignorance

  • ‘‘…. I never had the opportunity to listen as people spoke on viral hepatitis until my first job appointment…..” There is a societal stigma about hepatitis. In Ghana, infected people are alienated by the society. Others are also isolated within their families, hidden away from visitors or made to[...]