Are you prepared for the shocking brain tumor discovery?I Cancer Blog

After the MRI we went home…. I really don’t remember the drive. I was numb. If I hadn’t seen the brain tumor on the screen myself, I would swear they had the wrong person.

Our daughter had just flown out of town that morning and before we knew it she was flying back. It was best we all be together for the doctor’s appointment with the neurologist. My primary care physician said, “If it doesn’t belong there, get it out”.brain cancer, brain tumor

I wanted to tell everyone from immediate family to the closest friends right away. I didn’t want anyone hearing it through the grapevine. My husband wanted to wait and hear what the neurologist had to say first. Funny, but the doctor that did my neck surgery was also going to remove the tumor. Surgery would be Friday morning.

How many days in the hospital? When could I return to work? The Donut Shop, payroll, ordering, who would do this? Our personal bills? In 30+ years of marriage I had taken care of the household too. Maybe you could say I was a control freak, a workaholic, or just felt like I had to do it all, but today I was scared.

First I called our attorney. You need a power of attorney (POA) so that if anything should happen, my family could take care of things. Anything and everything. The sale of our donut shop, financial issues, bank accounts, investments, my wellbeing if need be, why had we not thought of this before? We had no living will, no medical directives. What about funeral arrangements? Was I dreaming or at 48 years of age was I really thinking of planning my own funeral? Why is it we plan everything our entire life, but not the possibility of the end? I did not want my kids to plan mine, I had to help with my father, a sister, but I did not want my kids to do that.

Then I called our accountant. He knew exactly what to do for the donut shop including payroll. All he needed was a copy the financials and that was done.  We stopped at the bank, reviewed the safety deposit box, again checked signature cards, etc.

I called the insurance companies, medical, short-term disability and life. I had a supplemental policy that would pay us directly to help with expenses. What forms were needed? Can you believe they wanted forms filled out with doctor’s signatures already? I hadn’t even had the surgery yet.

My daughter reviewed all our personal bills and checking account so she could help her father to keep the lights on while I was gone. She knew he would try to work and be with me as much as hhope, brain cancere could.
Time was up, now to pack, hold my family and love them as much as I possibly could.

When you have no idea what to expect, you expect the worst, but hope for the best.


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